Developer notes for integrating design

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Developer notes for integrating design

Post by Tristan on Tue Oct 19, 2010 10:53 pm

Export Template when finished

Find a while to compile and set Halloween avatars to choose from.
Check Forum Size on BP

- Needs a New PM button, and a Log In/Out button (this can possibly be added to the Flash banner)
- Images only

Flash Navbar
- Remove the tag on the end when importing
- make the few corrections suggested by prof
- Faved sites snapshots to be reworked and moved from edge
- Possibly fix RPWs page

SideBar (On BP)
- Remove all widgets

Other Last minute fixes for this template
- Emoticons (and white background?)
- NavBanner
- Locked Topic button
- Search for new set of smileys
- Possibly make Topic Buttons into actual buttons, and not just text
- Who's Online graphic!
- Check built-in chatbox settings to see if anything updated and pleasing for players

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